Pohl Schmitt vs. Amazon Basics Digital Kitchen Scales: A Detailed Comparison

In the world of kitchen scales, precision and reliability are key. Today, we will be comparing two top contenders in the digital kitchen scale arena: the Pohl Schmitt Mechanical/Digital Food Kitchen Scale and the Amazon Basics Digital Kitchen Scale. Both scales boast the ability to accurately measure up to 11 pounds, but each comes with its own unique features and design. Join us as we delve into the specifics of these scales to help you make an informed decision on which one suits your culinary needs best.

Product Description

When it comes to precision in the kitchen, having the right food scale can make all the difference. In this comparison, we will be looking at the Pohl Schmitt Mechanical/Digital Food Kitchen Scale and the Amazon Basics Digital Kitchen Scale.

The Pohl Schmitt Mechanical/Digital Food Kitchen Scale is a sleek and high-quality scale designed to make your cooking and baking experience more efficient. With a weight limit of 11 pounds, this scale is perfect for measuring a wide range of ingredients. The multifunctional scale features a large LCD display that shows measurements in grams, pounds, ounces, fluid ounces, and milliliters. Made from stainless steel with a durable DS33 material, this scale is built to last. Additionally, the automatic shut-off feature helps conserve battery life. The standout feature of this product is its commitment to giving back, as a portion of each purchase goes towards helping challenged youth.

On the other hand, the Amazon Basics Digital Kitchen Scale offers a more budget-friendly option without compromising on quality. Also weighing up to 11 pounds, this scale features a sleek black and stainless steel design. The large LCD display provides easy readability, and the scale comes with batteries included for convenience. Simple and straightforward, this scale is ideal for everyday use in the kitchen.

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Pros and Cons

Pohl Schmitt Mechanical/Digital Food Kitchen Scale


  1. Greater Precision: The multi-transducer scale of the Pohl Schmitt Mechanical/Digital Food Kitchen Scale provides enhanced accuracy in measuring ingredients, ensuring precise cooking and baking results.

  2. Auto Shut-Off Feature: With the auto shut-off function, this scale helps conserve battery life by turning off automatically when not in use, making it convenient and energy-efficient.

  3. Value for Money: Priced at $14.99, this kitchen scale offers excellent value for its features, making it an affordable yet reliable option for home cooks and bakers.


  1. Limited Weight Capacity: The Pohl Schmitt scale has an 11-pound weight limit, which may be restrictive for users requiring measurements beyond this capacity.

  2. Material: The DS33 material used in this scale may not be as durable or sleek-looking as stainless steel, potentially impacting the overall aesthetic and longevity of the product.

  3. Display: Some users may find the display on this scale to be less user-friendly or visually appealing compared to other models on the market.

Customer Reviews

Pohl Schmitt Mechanical/Digital Food Kitchen Scale

With an impressive 4.6 out of 5 stars from 1077 ratings, the Pohl Schmitt Mechanical/Digital Food Kitchen Scale has garnered high praise from its users. Buyers appreciate its well-made construction, ease of cleaning, and versatile compatibility with various bowl sizes. One reviewer mentioned, "It's very well made, works great, is very easy to clean, and fits a wide range of bowl sizes." Another user was pleasantly surprised by the affordability, stating, "I actually thought the price was a misprint when I ordered as it was SO inexpensive."

Amazon Basics Digital Kitchen Scale

The Amazon Basics Digital Kitchen Scale, on the other hand, maintains a strong reputation with its users. While specific details on the number of ratings and average rating are not provided, customers have highlighted its simplicity and functionality. One reviewer praised its user-friendly design, mentioning, "The intuitive buttons and clear display make this digital kitchen scale very simple to use, even for beginners." Another user expressed satisfaction with the product's performance, stating, "Does what I need it to do. I’ve had it for a few months and is still working great."

In summary, both the Pohl Schmitt and Amazon Basics kitchen scales have received positive feedback from customers, making them reliable options for accurate and efficient cooking measurements.


In conclusion, both the Pohl Schmitt Mechanical/Digital Food Kitchen Scale and the Amazon Basics Digital Kitchen Scale are excellent choices for those looking to upgrade their kitchen tools.

The Pohl Schmitt scale offers a high-quality build with a simple design, making it easy to use and clean. Its multifunctional capabilities and stainless steel construction ensure durability and accuracy in measuring. Additionally, the brand's commitment to giving back to the community adds a heartwarming touch to the purchase.

On the other hand, the Amazon Basics scale provides a straightforward solution with its digital display and included batteries. While lacking some of the extra features of the Pohl Schmitt scale, it still performs admirably for everyday kitchen use.

In making a final recommendation, the Pohl Schmitt scale edges ahead with its superior build quality and additional functions. If precision and durability are top priorities, the Pohl Schmitt Mechanical/Digital Food Kitchen Scale is the ideal choice. However, for those seeking a more budget-friendly option without compromising on basic functionality, the Amazon Basics Digital Kitchen Scale is a reliable alternative. Ultimately, both products offer value for money and will enhance your cooking experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the weight limit of these kitchen scales?

    • Both products have a weight limit of 11 pounds, making them suitable for a wide range of kitchen weighing needs.
  • Q: Are the scales easy to clean?

    • Customers have praised both products for being easy to clean, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and hygiene in the kitchen.
  • Q: Do these scales come with batteries included?

    • Yes, both products come with batteries included, allowing you to start using them right out of the box without any additional purchases.
  • Q: How accurate are these kitchen scales?

    • Users have reported high accuracy levels for both products, providing precise measurements for cooking, baking, and other kitchen tasks.
  • Q: Are these scales durable and well-made?

    • Reviews highlight the durability and quality construction of both kitchen scales, ensuring long-term use and value for money.
  • Q: Do the scales have an auto shut-off feature?

    • Both products come equipped with an auto shut-off function, helping to conserve battery life and enhance user convenience.
  • Q: Which scale offers a sleek design and user-friendly interface?

    • Customers appreciate the sleek design and intuitive interface of both products, making them easy to use for beginners and experienced cooks alike.
  • Q: Can these scales accommodate different sizes of bowls?

    • Users have found that both scales can accommodate a variety of bowl sizes, adding to their versatility and practicality in the kitchen.
  • Q: How do these scales compare in terms of customer ratings and feedback?

    • Both products have received high ratings and positive feedback from customers, indicating satisfaction with their performance and features.

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